Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My first dress from House of Pinku!

Hey dresses are unbelievable and so hard to get! I can't wait to go out with Dave and take some photos! Now to decide which doll to dress up...

Sorry for the wait on the draw for the winner. Dave and I wanted to do another video so stay tuned, hopefully it will be up tomorrow!:)



  1. Hi Rossi [blackbird 4 here from sb]I'm already a follower.The little dress is so cute- what camera do you have?-as mine is driving me crazy and I would like to get a new one

  2. What an adorable little dress. I am already a follower but wanted to stop by again for Blog Followers #2. ~unvlmom~ from SB following and linking on my blog

  3. Hi! I'm Bonnie (Pink Stitches from swapbot). These tiny clothes are adorable. I had never heard of Blythes but I've been seeing them everywhere now and I think I'm getting sucked in!! lol

  4. Dress is really cute!
    tamtamlee following you from blog followers swap-bot 2

  5. Who's the lucky winner of your giveaway?

  6. Your creations are so cute! I always wished I knew how to sew.

    Flutterflies22 Swap-bot

  7. Are those little sailor boys on the fabric? The dress looks adorable.
    Thus far I have resisted the Blythe doll obsession. Perhaps I shall buy one for my daughter someday, but alas more outfits to make for her dolls. Will have to think about it. Beautiful pictures though.

    JustIngrid swapbot

  8. That is just adorable. Any doll would love to wear it, lol!

    Phoerauf from Swap-Bot

  9. That dress is so cute! I especially love the tiny detail on the collar. What talent!
    Amy528 from swap-bot

  10. Hello! This is TheArtistChick from swap bot. I am now following your blog and I will enjoy catching up with your posts!